A coincidence or just similar taste?

Oh my goodness! I was just reading Woolly Wednesday, one of the blogs that I follow, and nearly fell off my chair! I enjoy Jane’s posts and her mug cosy in the post is lovely. But the amazing thing is here, lurking in the photo I had to immediately run downstairs to take:

Jane – if you’re reading this, can you see what I see?

Is that the same bowl that you planted your primulas in? Mine has a Christmas cactus (an offshoot I’m cultivating) and sits in my porch.

I know that I shouldn’t be too surprised as the bowl isn’t an exceptionally rare item. But, it’s just lovely to see that someone I only know from the blogosphere has similar taste. Not just the same item but putting it to the same use!

I bought the bowl as part of a job lot of crockery at an auction last year. I think I paid just over £5 for a whole load of items. Some I’ve kept, some I gave to my son, some are destined for the charity shop when it reopens.

Seeing Jane’s bowl in her photo has really made my day!

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I knit and sometimes I do other things.
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4 Responses to A coincidence or just similar taste?

  1. knittingjane says:

    I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am sure they have made millions of these bowls. I wonder who else out there has got one 😂


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